Link Cloaking – Importance & Benefits for Affiliate Marketers

Link Cloaking - Importance & Benefits for Affiliate Marketers

Link Cloaking is the method which is practiced by professional affiliate marketers to boost their affiliate marketing sales.

Don’t know why and how to cloak your affiliate links?

Yes! You’re at the right place.

I will provide you the thorough information about link cloaking, its importance and how to cloak your affiliate links. This way you will be able to boost your affiliate sales and make more money online.

What is Link Cloaking?

Link Cloaking is a method to convert your long and ugly looking affiliate links to short and pretty links.

For Example, 

This is how your affiliate links will look like and may vary slightly depending on the affiliate program you choose.

Your Affiliate Link: https://home/mehulgoh/

The Cloaked Affiliate links will look somewhat like below:

Cloaked Affiliate Link:

Once you have cloaked your affiliate links, a 301 redirect will be performed to your affiliate links so that you’ll be able to earn your commissions. Even, you can track your cloaked affiliate links for growth hacking of your website.

Isn’t your cloaked affiliate links looks more awesome and genuine as compared to your existing affiliate links?

Yes! Then, proceed with importance and benefits of link cloaking.

Why is Link Cloaking Important?

You will find tons of results for the importance and benefits of Link Cloaking on performing an online search.

According to Yoast, The historical reason behind link cloaking is hiding from search engines that you’re an affiliate.

I believe that Link Cloaking is introduced to identify whether the links is actually an affiliate or a spam. Most of the times, SERPs might have caught the long and ugly affiliate links, considering it as a spam, rather than affiliates. Hence, Link Cloaking helps search engines to differentiate between the affiliate and spam links.

Let me list down the essential reasons why link cloaking is important and advisable for your affiliate links:

Reduction in Commission Loss

There are many affiliate programs who warn their users against malware that can replace your affiliate links with theirs. With the effect of such malware, you will have loss of commissions with your affiliate links.

Hence, cloaking your affiliate links is more important and best option to make your affiliate links more secure to such malware attacks.

Easy to track affiliate links

Some of the affiliate programs do provide tracking of their affiliate links. However, some affiliate program don’t.

Hence, Link Cloaking comes to rescue with the help of which you can track all the affiliate links of each and every affiliate programs you use.

Boosts CTR (Click Through Rate)

Affiliate links are usually long, ugly and looks spammy. This can let your website users make a perception of being it an infected link. Hence, they won’t be clicking on those links, decreasing the click-through rate of your affiliate links.

To overcome this scenario, Link Cloaking is a better option, which will provide you neat, clean and genuine affiliate links with a 301 Redirect to ugly links without losing a penny.

Also, You will gain the trust of your readers by cloaking your affiliate links and in turn will increase your click-through rate.

Improves Email Delivery Rate

There are certain scenario’s where you have included your affiliate links directly into your email marketing campaign and noticed that your email is blacklisted.

It is because long and ugly affiliate links triggers spam filters in emails due to which your email gets blacklisted.

Hence, It is advisable to cloak affiliate links in your email marketing campaign as well.

Easy Management of Affiliate Links

Consider a situation where you have more than 1000 articles on your website and 500 of which contains affiliate links. But, your affiliate program has changed your affiliate links.

Will you be going to change your links manually in all the 500 articles?

I won’t.

Again, Link Cloaking comes to rescue here. If you have used link cloaking plugin and added cloaked affiliate links in those 500 articles. Then, you just need to change your new affiliate link in the link cloaking plugin and you’re done.

ByPass Ad Blockers

There are lots of Adblocking browser extensions are available. Adblock Plus is one of the famous Ad blocking browser extension which prevents ads display on your website.

Adblockers check each affiliate links of your website and consider long and ugly looking affiliate links as spam. Also, Google doesn’t like long and ugly affiliate links.

How to Cloak Affiliate Links?

These days affiliate marketing has grown as a major source of income for bloggers, there are lots of WordPress plugins available to cloak your affiliate links in an effective manner.

I’ve hand-picked 3 best link cloaking WordPress plugins for you.

You can use any of these plugins to cloak your affiliate links in WordPress easily and get maximum benefits from it.

1. ThirstyAffiliates

Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin
Thirsty Affiliates Lite WordPress Plugin

It is one of the best and most popular affiliates link manager and link cloaking plugin for WordPress. It allows you to easily add, modify and remove your affiliate links and manage them from a single dashboard.

Personally, I love using ThirstyAffiliates on my blog.

2. Pretty Link Lite

Link Cloaking - Importance & Benefits for Affiliate Marketers

It is another link cloaking WordPress plugin. Using this, You can manage your affiliate links easily.

3. Easy Affiliate Links

Link Cloaking - Importance & Benefits for Affiliate Marketers

It is an easy-to-use link cloaking WordPress plugin for affiliate marketers. It allows you to cloak your affiliate links as well as manage all your affiliate links from a single dashboard.


There are few people who may argue that link cloaking is a practice of individual’s perception.

Nowadays, There are certain regions where you must have an affiliate disclosure on your website before implementing link cloaking on your website. If you add a full disclosure policy on your website, then that would help your readers to identify your affiliations and your linking practices.

If you’re serious about affiliate marketing and want to protect your commissions. Then, I would highly recommend you to make it a habit to always cloak your affiliate links before placing it to your articles.

That’s it from my end!

Let me know what do you think about link cloaking and its practices in your website via the comments section below.

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