Mattermost – An Opensource Slack Alternative

Mattermost - An Opensource Slack Alternative | First Look

You’ve always heard of Slack and might be using it in your daily work life. But, have you wondered that there is an opensource slack alternative is available?

Yes! you heard it right.

An Opensource Slack Alternative is available which has all the features of slack and few additional features as well. You can secure your business communication data using this opensource slack alternative.

Mattermost – An Opensource Slack alternative?

Mattermost is a sleek, private cloud and opensource slack alternative that makes it easy to self-host the teams communications. It brings messaging and file sharing  into one place, accessible across different systems and mobiles, with support of archiving and advanced search. Also, it integrates with a range of apps out-of-the-box.

Let me brief you few details about me and how Mattermost comes to rescue.

I am a technical guy, basically a nerd who loves to code on WordPress and research on new tech tools that can simplify our lives.

I’ve been using Slack for more than 2 years or so. But, researching on Slack in detail gave me an idea that using additional features will require additional bucks to spend.

Even, If I pay $6.67/month/user or I kept on using the free plan with restrictions, then Slack will be annoying me for each small thing whether it is upload limits or restriction of users. 🙁

Mattermost is at rescue when it comes to speak about Slack alternative or I would say “Mattermost is a Slack restrictions alternative” 🙂

There are 2 editions in which Mattermost packages are available:

  1. Team Edition, and
  2. Enterprise Edition


Team Edition – Free Forever

Mattermost Team Edition
Photo Courtesy: Mattermost Website (

Messaging that works: Effective workplace messaging with search and integrations, plus web, mobile and PC apps and much more.

Open source and private cloud-ready: There are hundreds of contributors supporting this modern communication tool behind your firewall under MIT license.

Slack Alternative: The word itself says that it has all the popular features of Slack including import of Slack channels, users and even theme colors.

Enterprise Edition – Paid

Mattermost Enterprise Edition
Photo Courtesy: Mattermost Website (

Data Center ready: Deploys as a single binary with MySQL or PostgreSQL, on one node or in a cluster with high availability and horizontal scaling.

Advanced Security: Multi factor authentication, encrypted push notifications, advanced access controls and IT policies.

Enterprise Scale: Centrally manage thousands of users and hundreds of teams with advanced synchronisation and automation of users and roles.


Well-supported by its vibrant community

You can use mattermost with dozens of community integrations and applications, including Jira, IRC, XMPP, Hubot, Giphy, Jenkins, GitLab, Trac, Redmine, SVN, RSS/Atom and many others.

Easy to deploy, manage, upgrade & extend

Mattermost installs as a compiled binary and it is built for IT admins looking for solutions that are easy to deploy and manage.

Accessible on web, desktop, mobile & tablet

You can use Mattermost from your Android, iOS and tablets with installed apps on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Slack compatible, not slack limited

Mattermost provides a super set of features compared to its rival Slack including support to lots of integration’s.

For more details, Mattermost Features

Download Mattermost to self host it on your server.

Note: I’ve not used Mattermost yet, but based on the research i’ve written this article. However, I’ll be using it soon and will update this article.

If you’ve used or tried Mattermost, then do share you thoughts via comments section below.

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