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I’m excited to offer you a meticulously curated selection of my “best blogging resources” and “professional blogging resources” that I use daily. These tools, handpicked for their effectiveness and reliability, will supercharge your blogging journey. To help you navigate this extensive list, I’ve added a “Recommended” label to the most impactful resources and I personally use in each category.

When it comes to selecting blogging tools and resources, my focus is always on its robust features and undeniable value for money. As a seasoned WordPress developer and blogger with over a decade of experience, I’ve found an excellent combination in the Blocksy WordPress theme and the RankMath WordPress plugin. This duo has been instrumental in optimizing my website for SEO, thereby increasing organic traffic and bolstering my online visibility.

With my deep roots in WordPress development, I offer not just practical blogging guidance, but also insights from a developer’s viewpoint. This unique blend of knowledge ensures you gain a comprehensive understanding of the blogging ecosystem.

Do you have a burning question about a tool or resource not featured on this list? Or perhaps you’d like more information about a specific “recommended blogging resource”? Don’t hesitate to contact me directly. Feel free to say hi or tweet me @mehul_gohil0810. I’m here to support and enhance your blogging adventure!

Recommended Blogging Resources

Check out the awesome list of best and professional blogging resources along with the one’s I do recommend based on my personal usage.

Blogging Platform

Blogging Devices

  • MacBook Pro for extraordinary quality, performance, and mobility
  • Yeti Pro Mic for exceptional voice recording and podcasting

Domain Names

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is where all your website content (blog posts, images, themes, plugins, etc) are stored on the internet. There are a variety of hosting providers available in the market. WordPress hosting has been specifically optimized to better meet the speed, security, and technical needs based on your WordPress site. All of the hosting recommendations are for “self-hosted” WordPress websites.

  • BlueHost – Recommended for newbies and beginners
  • SiteGround – Recommended for a website with thousands of visitors.
  • Kinsta – Managed WordPress Hosting for all types of high-end websites.
  • Servebolt – Managed WordPress Hosting that focuses on performance.
  • – Managed WordPress Hosting focused on performance along with amazing dashboard (Recommended)
  • Closte – Managed WordPress Hosting for small to large enterprise-level websites with pay as you go plan.

WordPress Themes

Once you have domain names and hosting, you’ll need to pick a WordPress theme. The theme will help you add styling to your website and makes it look good.

  • Blocksy by Creative Themes (Recommended): Using it currently on most of my websites and it’s free version along with Generate blocks just works seamlessly for me. This is the modern theme with all the latest technologies integrated within a WordPress theme which just works out-of-the-box.
  • GeneratePress or Astra or Suki or Neve: GeneratePress, Astra, Suki, and Neve are all the lightweight WordPress themes built on top of Vanilla JS and no jQuery included. I am using the GeneratePress WordPress theme on this website. I have used the Astra WordPress theme earlier with this website in combination with Elementor Page Builder. But, then I switched the theme to GeneratePress to explore it with Gutenberg (i.e. Core Editor). I have tried Suki and Neve WordPress themes locally and they have great styling and detailed customization options.
  • OllieWP – This is an all new block theme for WordPress which provides great options and powers with full site editing.

WordPress Plugins

Caching WordPress Plugins

  • WP Rocket: WP Rocket is one of the top-notch caching plugin available in the market. WP Rocket is the only WordPress caching plugin that plays nicely with most of the hosting providers.
  • FlyingPress (Recommended): I’ve not tried it yet. However, I have heard a lot of good things about it in a FB group.

Email Marketing Tools

Push Notification Tools

SEO Optimization Tools

  • SEMrush: Checkout Site Audit and Organic Traffic Insights feature. I use it on regular basis. (Recommended)
  • SpyFu
  • KWFinder: This is a keyword research tool developed by Mangtools that we pay for every month. Our subscription includes using KW Finder, SERP Checker, SERP Watcher, Link Minder, and Site Profiler. There are limitations to the free account. But, you can remove those limitations with the paid plans once you start growing your business.
  • UberSuggest: It is an incredible tool that helps us find the powerful keyword and do competitor keyword research and that too 100% free! Neil Patel has invested a lot into this platform.

Image and Photo Editing

  • Sites for Free Images and Videos: This is a fantastic post I’ve hand-curated with 30+ sites for royalty-free photos and videos for your website.
  • Canva (Recommended): This is a great tool that I regularly use for creating the social media banners, logo, featured images for blog posts, and much more for my website. You can try Canva Pro for 30 days. I bet you would love using this tool. I have started using Canva Pro to streamline the process of creating featured images for my website.

Monetization Programs

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways are a way to accept payments from your customers or clients.

1. Indian Payment Gateways

  • RazorPay: This is one of the fastest-growing payment gateway available in India where you can accept domestic as well as international payments seamlessly. Also, the onboarding process is easy on this platform and they have the least transaction fees applicable compared to other payment gateways.
  • Instamojo
  • Cashfree

2. International Payment Gateways

  • Stripe: This is the most popular payment gateway available. Stripe has one of the best reporting available on its dashboard. It will provide you the detailed information about your business growth.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Affiliate Networks

Hire Developers

Hire Designers

Hire Content Writers

Final Thoughts on Blogging Tools and Resources

I have tried to outgrow my website by purchasing a variety of blogging resources to see which one will perfectly blend into the process of publishing blog posts on my website by decreasing the amount of time involved so that I can focus on doing more important steps towards success.

It’s actually something we think a bunch of bloggers fail to do at the beginning which holds them back. 

I think You and I were in the same boat when I started blogging for the first time.

I have always said this, but if you truly want to become a full-time blogger and make a full-time income every month working from home you have to treat your blog like a business.

Even, you need to invest money into it in order to generate regular income from it.

Yes, It’s tough to do when you are first starting out because of all the unknowns.

But take it from me, investing money in your blog is an incredible way to find success quickly.

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