How to find deprecated usages in PHPStorm?

Being a developer, There are certain situations where you’ll need to find the deprecated usages in your whole project. To do this manually is an exhaustive task to implement. Hence, certain IDEs come to rescue at this stage.

I’ll show you how to find deprecated usages using PHPStorm in your whole project. Before that, You would need to know what do you mean by deprecated usages.

What is Deprecated Usage?

A Deprecated Usage can be a class, method or hooks which can get deprecated due to many reasons in a certain version of the project.

How to find deprecated code usages in PHPStorm?

It is quite simple to search for deprecated code usages in PHPStore IDE.

Go to Code > Run Inspection by Name and click on it. A dialog box will open then type deprecated in the text field.

How to find deprecated usages in PHPStorm? 1
PHPStorm – Deprecated Code Usages

You can now select the option based on your search for deprecated usages. On your selection, PHPStorm will automatically search for deprecated usages and list them down for you.

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